Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 10.3: doing it during vacation is tough

Hi there,

The title says it all. Doing this schedule on vacation is though. Why, you may ask. Simply because, by definition, on vacation, all you're supposed to do is relax. So you already have LOTS of time to fill up. Therefore, on Everyman, you've got even more time to ... relax.

That said, my TODO list isn't empty yet and I don't put much efforts in emptying it... I'm kinda lazy...

Nevertheless, I'm not giving the everyman schedule up because I want to show people it works! =) Also, I'll have a lot of work as soon as I got back to school, so I prefer not having to have to adapt to the schedule again.

I don't remember saying that in an earlier post but I really am falling asleep very quickly (probably around a minute) so that's really awesome.

Anyways, tonight is Christmas and I'll be having it with my family so I can't really hop-out and sleep for 30 minutes. Plus, tomorrow I have to wake up at 6. So I decided to move my schedule around a bit tonight only and see if I can play with it easily.

So what I'm planning is sleeping from 1930 to 2000 and then going to bed at 0300. I'll keep you posted.

See ya, happy holidays!

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