Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 14.1 Ehau: Quite difficult on holydays

During the last days it have been difficult to stick to the system and since I had to skip some naps it was harder to keep awake on the morning and I did few long nights during last days (means 6h night in this system).
Anyway I tried to continue the experiment and I getting used again to the schedule and mornings gets easier.
Also like Chris said, on holidays it's more difficult to keep busy and motivated. I have some DIY to do in the apartment, but I can't do noisy activities on evening and night to not disturb my neighbours and not on morning not to wake up my parents, which leave me only the afternoon and I have to fill up the other periods with other activities.

I'll keep in touch

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 10.3: doing it during vacation is tough

Hi there,

The title says it all. Doing this schedule on vacation is though. Why, you may ask. Simply because, by definition, on vacation, all you're supposed to do is relax. So you already have LOTS of time to fill up. Therefore, on Everyman, you've got even more time to ... relax.

That said, my TODO list isn't empty yet and I don't put much efforts in emptying it... I'm kinda lazy...

Nevertheless, I'm not giving the everyman schedule up because I want to show people it works! =) Also, I'll have a lot of work as soon as I got back to school, so I prefer not having to have to adapt to the schedule again.

I don't remember saying that in an earlier post but I really am falling asleep very quickly (probably around a minute) so that's really awesome.

Anyways, tonight is Christmas and I'll be having it with my family so I can't really hop-out and sleep for 30 minutes. Plus, tomorrow I have to wake up at 6. So I decided to move my schedule around a bit tonight only and see if I can play with it easily.

So what I'm planning is sleeping from 1930 to 2000 and then going to bed at 0300. I'll keep you posted.

See ya, happy holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 8.1: Tired? No. Bored? Yes.

Even though I have overslept twice this weekend, I must say that the only real problem I have is that I'm currently on vacation and am completely bored! This first of the experiment was easy because we were in school (about 28 hours a week) and had tests. Now, on vacation, everything is soooo different!

Before starting I read that you had to have a very long TO DO list in order to ind motivation. I probably have one but I haven't written anything down yet, so I keep forgetting.

Anyways, I'll write this list down today and make sure everything is done ASAP.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 8.3 Ehau: Already a week!

It's been one week since we started Everyman, globally it's working I don't fell any overtireness but the mornings are still quite difficult.
Yesterday I stuck correctly to the planing with just difficulties from 7am to 8am, but this morning I did an other lie in of three hours after 7am until 10am. I hope this difficult wake up phase on the morning will tend to become easier as we will get used to the system.