Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 2.2 Ehau

1.3 : Bad start! due to a transport strike, I had to do my first nap at 23H15 and not 22H and I didn't really slept because It was the first day and I never go to bed so early. Anyway it was quite regenerating and helped to work with Chris until 4h.
2.1 : I felt a little tired after these 3h of sleep, but the excitation about the experiment kept me awake and I managed to attend to the 4h of courses with a normal concentration.
2.2 : Even if I was half awake and half sleeping during this nap it was really regenerating! This nap makes me believe even more in the system we are experimenting because after the equivalent of 3H30 of sleep I'm in a better shape than I usually feel after 6h of continuous sleep!

About the food problem, I managed to eat at the school restaurant between 11H45 and 12H and I disagree with Chris on this point, I think it's bad idea not to have a real meal for noon while trying a sleeping experiment.

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