Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 5.1 Ehau: Still holding on

4.1: I had some difficulties to wake up, but it was a bit better than yesterday.

4.2, 4.3, 4.4: It wasn't a very good day for my naps, in all of them I didn't really slept, I just rested a bit. I didn't feel too tired during that day, but I didn't feel in a very good shape either like I do after a real nap. I think the fact that I have not been really regular in my naps during the experiment is why I didn't manage to fall asleep during these naps.

5.1: It was hard to wake up from 7am to 8am, I think I paid for the bads naps I had yesterday, I hope my 12 o'clock nap will be more efficient.

Note: I talked about this experiment with my entourage:
-A friend which is doing medical studies, thinks that this system way have psycological effects at the long term if it reduce some sleep phases. But she is not sure about that and will checkup with her teachers.
-My kung fu instructor which is also practicing meditation, was quite interrested about this system but not too surprised about it because he said that yogis with high skills in meditation hare able to regulate and reduce their sleep.

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