Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 4.3 Chris: getting into the rythm

Hello there!

I think I have one foot in! I actually am tired at nap times without being tired out of them. Here's a brief summary.

3.4 At around 0300, I realized that since I started the schedule I didn't work out. I told that to Eric and he replied that the didn't have time excuse no longer works! Then he told me that it could be interesting to see whether, in this everyman sleep schedule, we survive or actually live. The first test was done by Eric when he went to his kung-fu class. I was assigned to the next one: on this schedule, can one sustain a normal everyday cardiac heavy exercise.
For one thing, the first time, at 0310, I had no problem at all. Actually, I even felt a little better after it than I usually do. That's probably because I was only physically tired and not also mentally tired due to my school work.

4.1 When I woke up, I was feeling okay. I was feeling as good as if my sleep time was 7 or 8 hours out of my used-to preferred 9hours. I am happy to see that the schedule seems to get into action!

4.2 WOW! My 30 minute nap was sooo refreshing! When I woke up, I though I slept like ten hours straight! I was wide awake and happy to be up. That helped me a lot during the my 1300 class because everybody was weak and I was the whole opposite! Pretty funny =).

4.3 That's where I start to see that having a tight schedule is kind of a pain sometimes. In fact, I had a three hour math class at the end of the day, from 1500 to 1800. Only problem: my nap is supposed to be at 1700. As I said in introduction, I now get tired at nap times, and these are not very flexible yet (normally only after your body has totally shifted to the new sleep schedule). Basically, ten minutes before my nap, I started to yawn. And it just went downhill from there: within about fifteen minutes my concentration levels dropped drastically. So here I was in the middle of a 15 people class, all of which follow a normal sleep schedule, and I reached their poor level of concentration in, say, twenty minutes. Pretty weird how the body adapts!
Anyways, as soon as I arrived home (around 1820) I slept and... sadly enough, overslept. My alarm clock went off at 1850 but I shut it off thinking a was going to hang around in bed for a couple of minutes. Actually, I stayed in bed another 45min and woke up, all by myself, at 1935.

Therefore, I think I'll move my X.4 nap to 2230 instead of 2200.

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