Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 3.4 Ehau: Start to be quite difficult

2.3 : I only had enough time for 20 min but it was quite useful anyway

2.4 : Start to be difficult, when the alarm woke me up I must confess that I would have prefer a full night and not just a nap. Then we worked an exam with Chris until 2h and then we spent some time on our computers but it was hard for both of us to hold until 4h.

3.1 : I woke up very tired and spent 30 extra min in bed. The morning was quite hard but I manage to keep my attention on the course even if it wasn't comfortable. At this point I had some doubt about the system but I wanted to hold on anyway.

3.2 : This nap saved me and impressed me, in only 30 min I passed from very tired and uncomfortable to lot more awake and focused than I'm usually after a normal night. I was convinced again about the system.

3.3 : Like Chris said we just had time for 15 min on a table, it was not perfect but very useful anyway.

3.4 : I had to do that nap at 23h20 because I went to a kung fu session at Paris and transport strikes made me loose some time. I should be more regular on the naps for the beginning but I didn't have any choice. At least I could test if how sport activity interact with Everyman and it went pretty well, the martial art I practice is not too cardiac but need concentration and I fell more focused since I started Everyman. Now I should try a cardiac activity like running or swimming to see if it's possible with Everyman.

Note 1 : Like Chris mentioned it, when I can't sleep during a nap and I turn around in my bed. I just lie on my back and focus on relaxation and not sleeping. This work pretty well, I generally finish asleep and I think it's healthier to sleep that way even if it's less natural.

Note 2 : To stay awake between two naps when I am too tired, I sometimes play 20 - 30 min of a stressful video game (Farcry to not mention it). But I don't want to take any caffeine (coffee or coke) during this experiment, because the effect of caffeine can last 5h and it could interact with the next nap. Also, if I feel awake, I couldn't tell if it's due to the everyman schedule or caffeine.

I'll keep in touch with my next impressions.

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