Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 7.2: two lie ins in two days ...

Day 6.3 my nap was really good, and as usual since a couple of days, I felt completely revived as soon as I woke up.

Day 6.4 For my 6.4 nap, I tried to sleep a little longer. I put my alarm clock 5 minutes late and actually, I woke up five minutes before my alarm clock, at 2229 to be precise! So i though that was pretty cool.
Anyways, my parents gave me tons of chores to make sure I kept busy. So basically, I put up Christmas lights outside the house between 2 and 3 a.m.. Some guy waked by my house when I was putting them up and, at the time I didn't know what was the weirdest: some guy waking by in a small road which parallel to a large one were there's lots of traffic, or some guy putting up Xmas lights in the middle of the night.
Anyways, I started feeling very tired only around 0355, knowing that right before I was in okay shape. So it's funny to see that I'm adapting pretty well.

Day 7.1 & 7.2 Yes, I'm putting both together because, as the title spoils it, I didn't hear my alarm clock at all (i.e. I don't remember standing up to shut it off or anything like that) and I woke up naturally at 1215!!! So instead of standing up, I decided to turn over on my back and try to take my nap. It work and my 1230 alarm clock woke me up afterwards. The good news is that I'll now take my huge alarm clock to wake me up. Oh, and it's really good at waking people up, here's what it looks like:

So that's about it for today. I'll try to find some occupations for tonight since I dealt with all the chores my parents gave me.

See ya!


  1. OH! I've also had a really hard time waking up to my alarm clocks. It's gotten so bad that it's typically my roommate that wakes me up and not my alarm. I've tried keeping it under my bed, setting it extra loud... I've never really had this problem before. What should I do?

  2. Typically, if you're partially off schedule, your body will want to sleep more and if you do so, you'll be off schedule again. So it's a vicious circle.
    Your body really has to be on schedule to stay on schedule. That's why the first days are tough. ;-)

    I suggest you put your alarm clock far from your bed so it obliges you to walk to it (say about four or five meters) to shut it off. That will wake you up a bit. And that worked for me!