Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 2.2

Well last night, Eric and I managed to work math all night long, i.e. from midnight to almost 4a.m..

It actually was pretty interesting to work that late and I didn't feel really tired. It is my first day though so I did have an okay-night sleep before.

Anyways, my three hour core-sleep didn't seem that long. When I woke up I felt I could have slept more and would have preferred sleeping more! =)
That said, I managed through my four-hour mornings classes without feeling really tired, so that is reassuring.

My 12p.m. sleep wasn't that refreshing either. I slept, sure, but I still feel a bit tired now, without oversleeping.

Oh, and I realized that the "biggest" problem is decided when to eat. Since we only have a one hour lunch break, I'll be sleeping half of that. So I plan to only eat three fruits for lunch now. It's healthy and will probably wake my body up. So I'm planning one banana, one clementine and one apple (I'll eat the banana before I sleep, the two other fruits afterwards).

Last night, I also realized I was a bit hungry at 3 a.m., so I'll try to eat another banana there in order to fill me up.
In the "morning" (i.e. Day X.1), I'll simply have a good cereal+orange juice breakfast. And in the evening (i.e. Day X.3), I'm planning a normal healthy and complete dinner.

See ya around!

P.S.: we might have recruited another friend to the cause of testing this Everyman Sleep Schedule. =)

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