Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 3.4 Chris

Today was pretty difficult.

3.1: Basically, slept well but could have slept more, i.e. I didn't recover a lot from these 3 hours. Nevertheless, I managed to stay awake, active and concentrated in electronic class.

3.2 Sleeping at noon felt very good. Plus I slept pretty well. Eric told me he heard that napping on your back was much better than rolling over on your side. So I tried that and it worked good.

3.3 We had a math test during our 2nd nap time, so we managed to sleep fifteen minutes right before the test and that was great. I was really regenerated even though I slept on my back on a wooden table.

3.4 Just woke up and am pretty tired. Instead of sleeping on my back like I did for the two previous naps, I slept as I normally would for a long sleep. So when my alarm clock went off, I was kinda disappointed ... I'll eat a fruit or something and will most probably feel better.

See ya!

P.S.: I've been talking to the method to a couple friends and Eric and I might be writing a short article in two months time in the school newspaper, if of course we're on the schedule and totally adapted to it! =)

P.P.S.: feel a bit weird to have so much time =)

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